Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 3 over

Day 3 was straightforward, two losses which did hurt but not a losing day which is very important, kept my head on after the losses and came back strongly to push over an 8 euro profit. Listen, its early days im not getting carried away at all yet, theres gonna be losing days, theres nothing more certain, but an effective way of dealing with them is paramount.
Tomorrow is a big football day but im playing some football myself at 3pm which is when most of tomorrows soccer kicks off so we'll see what happens. Goodnight.


Thursday, October 29, 2009


Today went pretty well and Im happy with my days work. plenty of soccer on, did some dabbling with the golf and horse racing too, might just stick to the soccer from now on and try and put all my concentration just on that. Its slow progression but important not to get too greedy or impatient.
I Made 4.65 today with a bank of 25, maybe that means if i put in a nought after the 5 in 25 it'd mean Id have 250, then move my decimal point 1 to the right my profit would read 46.50..............Maybe this is not the way it goes but its the way im thinking, so thats how profits grow and improve. Who knows??

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 1

Day 1 over and a nice profit of just r €4, over, to be honest I dont know whether thats good or bad from a bank of 20 but im v happy with it at the moment and I aim to move on and up from here, maybe not as many posts as today.


Match on Wednesday morning, just caught the end of it and managed a green screen so we're off and rolling!! a busy night of football tonight so hopefully more of the same.

€20 Start

1st Blog

Hi anybody,
This is my blog which I've started to help me with my football trading, I think the blog can help me with my discipline and recording of information, which at the moment is quite poor. My dream is to make loads of money like everyone else but I think it can only be achieved with the right mindset. I will attempt some pre horse race trading down the line as Im becoming very interested in it but at the moment I'll stick to the football.
I have no target yet but maybe that'll change as I move forward hopefully. Im using the betangel/soccer mystic software which is very good.
Thank you for your time,
Let the fun begin.......