Friday, November 13, 2009

Its a tough road back up the ladder but this time im determined not to let anything slip, I really think Ive learned from my experience. When one has a loss, no matter how large it is, it should be let go and not chased. So in future a simple loss for me will be taken on the chin and therefore hopefully I wont have to go thru the rehabilitation course Ive just been on-painful!!!!!!

A Fresh Start

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Positive thinking

Another key to trading is positive thinking, Not 2 hours ago I lost over 2/3s of my bank very stupidly and irrationally. I have moved on and put the desperate( they were desperate!) losses out of my mind. I am now keen to trade tomorrow free from the ropes and cuffs of a losing mentality. Keep the outlook positive

Hopelessness and Tragedy

My first losing day and its exploited all my limitations in one, Im feeling very low but for myself I just have to pick up the pieces and learn from my mistakes. I chased losses today until I had 50 euro left. Thats all thats in the bank now at the moment so tomorrow i'll have to build up everything again. A very foolish evening but possibly its thought me a valuable lesson that a loss of 20 euro is much better than a loss of 130 euros.
I had passed the first few tests that were thrown in my direction but alas I have been unhinged by one of the most lethal evils lying out there waiting for rookie traders.

I will move onward and upward and am glad this day has come and gone, I owe it to myself to learn from this bad bad day, I am Still alive!


Here is the progress so far in pie chart form

Yesterdays Rush

The inplay markets on soccer started at 6:30pm yesterday(Tuesday), now that was ok but it was our intention(us at home) to go do some shopping last night, which we did-only thing being it cut short my soccer trading last night which is ok but if I had more time at it last night I felt i could do a better job. Ah well thats life. 18 euro yesterday helped by a 10 euro winner in the Seville game.
All in all I still think everything is on track, the blog is going well and the target is still attainable,Im not sure whether or not the blog is interesting or going to gain readers but at the moment im not worried. Its doing a wonderful job for me and I have been never been more settled in my trading.

Monday, November 9, 2009

20 Euro Loss

Big loss of 20 euro in there but not bad overall with a 12 euro profit for the day, thought it was going to be a losing day and one stage but fought back well after and have to be happy enough with things.
Only managed to get started on the trading late and wasn't in full zone with children running here there and everywhere.
Still on track with the challenge at the moment so hope I can build on whats been happening up till now. 14 days into the challenge tomorrow-2 weeks. Anyway im off to bed, goodnight.