Thursday, November 5, 2009


To be honest im quite astonished at how quickly my betfair balance has increased and very impressed with myself because I wasnt expecting to move so quickly upwards, now I did have a quite fortunate result early on in this week which has pushed me on a lot.
I need to keep very focused though for the next couple of weeks because one slip of concentration or indiscipline could knock down the whole house, as it were. Because im not so experienced at all this and much of it is new to me im just happy to plod along and keep my current strategy for the moment, maybe with time and experience it'll change. In my opinion I havent come across any major flaws so far with my current strategy but who knows whats around the corner.
The major major things that will stick with me as I enter into week 2 of my challenge is to remain confident, be patient, resist indiscipline and avoid the greed tendencies(which all of us are partial to, no matter who you are!) that pop up in my head from time to time. I'm enjoying everything so far and want to keep the show on the road, the ball rolling.

Have a good day trading,

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