Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Positive thinking

Another key to trading is positive thinking, Not 2 hours ago I lost over 2/3s of my bank very stupidly and irrationally. I have moved on and put the desperate( they were desperate!) losses out of my mind. I am now keen to trade tomorrow free from the ropes and cuffs of a losing mentality. Keep the outlook positive


  1. I saw your post earlier, thats killer, i remember when i first started trading, so undisciplined, chasing losses and not sticking to my own rules.

    Since them days i found it easier to set my own rules and stick to them, once you let your emotion get in the way things start to go wrong.

    And never chase losses, your mind just isn't in the right place for it,your too busy thinking that you must win it back and make irrational decisions in the process.


  2. Thanks Jay, it was exactly like that... I wanted to be 20 up rather than 20 down, instead I was 150 down. I hope it was a lesson worth learning and I think it was